Des Moines Wedding Event Venue Ideas

The capital city of the Hawkeye State offers plenty of beautiful venues for your wedding. With the prime season being the summer months, the numerous lakes and rivers make for spectacular views if you choose to tie the knot in this area. This fast growing area attracts wedding goers from around the entire state. Below we have listed some options for your big day.

Yard Game Rentals in Des Moines

Rollins Mansion

Located southwest of downtown, this sprawling venue offers plenty of greenery and trees for photo opportunities. This 100 year old venue houses multiple rooms and an outdoor courtyard area. You are responsible for setup and takedown at the venue. Their availability is sparse so contact quickly. No prices are listed online.


Address: 2801 Fleur Dr, Des Moines, IA 50321


Contact: (515) 657-7288


The Loft DSM

In the northern part of downtown lies this chic venue. The vaulted ceilings show a wonderful wood pattern. An urban/loft design, this 5,000 square foot space has various lighting options to fit your mood. They will provide 50 tables and up to 280 chairs with a full bar. The hangings from the ceiling are what really separate this venue, it looks incredible in the images on their website. No prices are listed online.


Address: 100 Indiana Ave 2nd floor, Des Moines, IA 50314


Contact: (515) 953-2500

Custom Cornhole Callout

The Des Moines Embassy Club

In the heart of downtown, just a few blocks from the river, is this upscale wedding venue. They boast exclusivity and require membership for life. The view from the 34th floor of their clubhouse is top notch and has perfect views of the state capital. They also have two locations so you do not need to get married downtown. They have an in-house chef who will prepare amazing food for your guests. Again, no prices listed.


Address: 7th & Grand Ave, 34th floor, Des Moines, IA 50309


Contact: (515) 244-2582

The Conservatory

On the east side of the river, close to the capital, is this fully customizable, smaller wedding venue. A Saturday wedding in season costs between $3,500-4,000 for the full day. They also have other options for rehearsal dinners as well.


Address: 315 E 5th St Suite 2, Des Moines, IA 50309


Contact: (515) 599-7787

The Tea Room

Another location in the heart of downtown, this place has two fantastic rooms that total almost 8,000 square feet. This smaller venue offers the intimacy that other venues in Des Moines lack. The Tea Room was recently renovated from a fire in 2017. No prices are listed online. The larger Tea Room comprises 5,000+ square feet and they assist with setup and take down.


Address: 713 Walnut St UNIT 600, Des Moines, IA 50309


Contact: (515) 336-1317

Yard Game Rentals in Des Moines